How E-Moxie Breaks the Tension

By July 6, 2012News

Here at E-Moxie, we love what we do; however, that doesn’t mean we don’t get burnt out from time to time. After staring at line after line of code and putting our best foot forward on our design projects though, we need little breaks here and there to keep ourselves fresh. That presents the question: How do we keep ourselves relaxed so we don’t overwork ourselves?

Horse Play

One of our partners bought a horse head mask just for the heck of it the other day; Who knew a cheap mask would help boost morale at work so well? It has helped break the mundane repetition of code and content writing. Whether by wearing it on your head while working, standing in the front window as people walk by on the sidewalk and make double takes, or on your arm as a puppet show: this is the latest in a long line of ice and mood breakers.


Keeping Everyone on their Toes…

When I started here it was the massive arsenal of Nerf guns and darts, which to this day are an awesome way of getting someones attention. With the click of one being loaded and ready to be fired or the the whistle of one sailing through the air, you’ll be putting your hands over your head while laughing wondering who it was that has started this battle.


Family Meal

Nothing is better then a quick five minute battle or laugh with the horse head mask to ease the tension of a looming deadline. We also have lunch together during the week when possible, but every Friday is always company lunch. We either have a cook out or order in to sit around the conference room table to discuss up and coming personal plans for the weekend.


Don’t get me wrong: we still work hard to get our project done on time but these small punches in what could be seen a monotonous coding makes for a great way to keep it fresh. Working here has been an awesome experience; I just wonder if anyone else has this much fun at work? If you know of any other ways to keep your team relaxed or break up the monotony of the day to day routine, let us know in the comments section below!