E-Moxie’s Movin on Up!

By May 3, 2011News

With great square footage comes great responsibilty

As of April 1st, E-Moxie has a new place to call home,  220 North Washington Street in beautiful downtown Havre De Grace, one block from the water and conveniently located just off I-95.

The actual move was the easiest part. It only took us half a day to pack up the old place and haul everything up here. We went from our small 850 square foot office space in Fallston, to our new 4,500 square foot location.  We were quick to find out that with great square footage comes great responsibility. I think Spiderman said that, or maybe his Uncle Ben? Either way, we had a lot and still have a lot of work to do.

So far we are into this joint for

  • Thirty-five gallons of paint (we figured out that painting 15-foot high walls is no easy task)
  • 4,000 feet of Cat6 cable
  • 400+ 2×4‘s, with 150 +/- of them recycled from previous construction
  • Six uber-spacious workstations, with plenty of room to grow
  • Two pocket doors
  • One bad-ass conference room complete with occupancy sensor
  • One 8 ft. poster of The Hulk
  • And one awesome lobby sign

Just a note for anyone moving into a historic building: crown molding from 1896 may be charming to look at it, but painting AROUND it is quite an ordeal. (I emphasize around because we wouldn’t want anyone to think we aren’t keeping some of this building’s original integrity.)  However the original tin ceiling is pretty cool.

In addition to painting and furnishing this space we also need to work on the decorating. This 8-foot Hulk poster  just isn’t cutting it. Although I do think it really sets the tone for the whole place and not just because it’s green.

Our new office is something to be marveled at, really.  I can only describe this as going from a mall kiosk to a whole mall. We currently have only the one skateboard to aid us in our travel from the front of the building to the back, which on average and depending on your walking speed can take about 10 minutes. We are hoping to acquire some more wheels soon. My vote is for Segways.

But aside from giving us fodder for jokes, what does this move really mean to you? Why don’t you just stop on by and see for yourself just how ready E-Moxie is to rock out your next website project.

Some Photos

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  • Congrats on the move to bigger and better space. The place looks amazing!

    • Matt Pramschufer says:

      Thanks Carol, We are really trying to get it to look amazing. Taking more time than we thought but slowly but surly we will get there.

  • Rob says:

    Congratulations! Looks great, I definitely want to check it out sometime.

    • Matt Pramschufer says:

      Thanks Rob, you should swing by when you are in the area. The first round is on me. It’s okay if you just order that unsweetened iced tea!

  • Cathy Jo says:

    Wow! I really love the look and feel of your blog. If I didn’t already have a Web designer, I’d DEFINITELY consider E-Moxie. Hmmm…maybe you guys can design the blog for me. Something for me to think about!

  • Robert says:

    Matt, Chris and the E-Moxie crew are really great tenants!
    They are doing a wonderful avant-garde reno job on the old gal, 1896, yet with respectful taste. Stay tuned for more work underway… Ask them what the Mad Man Room is?

    I mostly had retail tenants in the past which can take a long time to set up. They moved their office and computers in on a Thursday afternoon, Friday morning I popped in to see how they were doing and said: I hear your cash registers ringing!
    They looked at me kind of strangely as they do not actually own a cash register. I gestured to their staff production area where all were clicking away on their key boards creating successful web sites and said- those are your cash registers! Your right Dude- Matt said. Chris chimed in- Told you we were busy… that’s why we needed more space!

    They are also good American Patriots in that they are helping to stimulate the local economy… this has been reported to me from the numerous, walking distance, restaurants and pub owners where they have entertained clients, friends and family.
    Cheers to working in shorts on the Chesapeake Bay!

    Finally, their new office is over 200 feet in length from front to back and yes…
    They really do zip around on a skate board.
    Continued Success Gents!
    Robert, Landlord

  • Donny Lala says:

    Matt and Chris,

    Congratulations on your new place. Your hard work and great way of doing business is very obvious in everything you do. I would like to stop up soon and say howdy and check it out. Good Luck!


  • Gil Sperry says:

    Our new book has just been released and we can think of no better group to create a fitting website for it than E-Moxie. Check out this group of creative and honorable folks. You’ll be glad that you did. BTW, congratulations on your recent move to the incredible new digs.

    Saludos y salud!!!

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