What’s Been Happening

By July 22, 2011News

What's Been Happening

Well, over the past two months since our last newsletter (yes, we realize this is supposed to be a monthly newsletter, but things happen), there have been lots of new developments at E-Moxie:

Store-front kiosk

Our Kiosk

When we moved into our large main street office here in Havre de Grace back in April, one of our biggest challenges was trying to figure out what to do with our two 10-foot store windows.  Well, after working on The Great Baltimore Checkin project for which we integrated Twillio, a pay-as-you-go SMS text messaging service, we came up with this great idea to engage the public walking past our office: an interactive kiosk. The concept is this… you text message 410-942-9550 and your message will appear in real time on a giant LCD plastered to the front of our windows.  Trust us…it is pretty cool! You are essentially editing a website via text message from your cell phone.  Talk about having up-to-date content!


Each year the Boys & Girls Clubs of Harford County selects 13 individuals from the community to partake in the adventure of kissing a pig for charity. The idea is simple… see who out of the 13 can raise the most votes (cough…money) for their campaign.  It is up to the contenders to come up with unique ways to raise money and involve the community. Well this year, E-Moxie’s own Matt Pramschufer was selected to be one of those individuals.  After graciously accepting the challenge, Matt put together http://www.pigkisser.com as the home base for his campaign.  Matt was determined to create the most unique Kiss-A-Pig event the Boys & Girls Clubs had seen, which leads us into our next update…

Battle of the Bands!

Battle for the Van

Battle for the Van

The headline for this awesome promotion is “6 Bands, 1 Van”! The winning band gets to take home a 1997 Ford Econoline E-250 Van they can use to carry around all of their gear and equipment from gig to gig. With the help of would-be music critic and staffer Paul Smith, E-Moxie selected 6 bands to compete in this contest, which will follow an American Idol format of texting in votes. We will be using our new found partner Twillio to receive text messages, with live voting results streamed to a website developed by yours truly. The band with the most text messages will win the VAN!  Talk about bringing the Boys & Girls Clubs of Harford County into the 21st Century! Get Your Tickets Today!

Meet Carl

To keep up with our growing business, E-Moxie needed to hire another website developer.  Chris Stone, the founder of many tech-related user groups such as Baltimore PHP and Baltimore Mobile found Carl, a super talented rockstar developer who was ready and willing to join the unique crew of E-Moxie.  Carl starts on July 27th, so please everyone give carl@emoxie.com a warm welcome!

Still hiring

Even with the addition of Carl, E-Moxie is still looking to fill two more positions for website designer and website developer.  If you anyone looking to join a great team please direct them to www.e-moxie.com for more information.

That’s a lot of chocolate!

With the signing of new client Bomboys Handmade Chocolate, located right around the corner in Havre de Grace, our own Amy Gangi has taken on the Jurassic task of photographing every piece of chocolate and candy they produce to put on their new e-commerce website E-Moxie will be developing.  We knew Bomboys offered a lot of products, but when they dropped off two large boxes which included 3 pieces of each type of chocolate they produced and weighing a total of more than 15 pounds, we immediately had to go to the store and buy an extra gallon of milk! Take a look at how great these shots are turning out and tell me you don’t want to just lick your screen right now!

Sample Chocolate