During the boom of Adult Coloring Books, E-Moxie had the chance to work with Westie Press to develop a very unique application to allow users to build their very own custom adult coloring book.  With E-Moxie’s long history of assisting publishing companies, this venture was too good to pass up.

The idea was simple, allow visitors to pick from several different book covers, and then offer an easy way to browse the 1000+ high res illustrations which could be added to a single book.  After a user has selected 20 illustrations and a cover they could preview their created book and purchase through the Braintree Payments API. 

The challenging part of the project came from automatically stitching the 20 selected illustrations into a single high res PDF and sending it remotely to the Print on Demand vendor to be printed and shipped.

In order to manage those 1000+ illustrations, and all of the daily backend operations, E-Moxie developed a custom Laravel application that not only dynamically generated thumbnails from the digital assets which were stored in Amazon’s S3 service, but handled the book keeping, illustrator royalties payouts, and the entire order process from initial PDF to customer doorstep.  By craftily integrating over 12 external APIs together into an amazing customer experience, E-Moxie and Westie Press are elated with the project.

Problems Solved

  • Easy to use and understand book building process.
  • Managing 1000+ high res illustrations, through use of cloud technologies.
  • Entire order process from digital creation, to fulfillment of order, to payout of royalties.

Services Provided & Technologies Utilized

  • Custom Laravel 5.3 Application
  • Mobile Responsive Website
  • Ecommerce Solution using Braintree Payments SDK and Quickbooks Online SDK
  • Scalable Cloud Infrastructure on Amazon Web Services