It’s rare that you come across a project which can have a positive effect on so many people, that is why when FoodRescue US, formerly Community Plates, came to E-Moxie to redevelop their existing platform and introduce a new iOS application, they jumped at the opportunity.

The goal of these applications, the mobile web app and the iOS application, would be to provide an easy, convenient way for volunteers to pickup unused food, that would normally just go to waste from local restaurants and donors; and deliver that food to agencies that help feed the hungry.  After extensive research, planning and brainstorming sessions E-Moxie laid out a plan which would not only solve their initial goals, but lay the framework for years of progress to come.

Being that data was to be ingested by various mediums, E-Moxie built a robust RESTful API powered by the Laravel framework, which integrated JWT authentication and Redis backed session handling all driven by a scalable cloud infrastructure on AWS.  Even though that is a record number of buzz words in a single sentence, having an API which can handle thousands of concurrent users per day is no easy feat.

When you have a well documented easy to use API front-end apps become a little bit easier.  E-Moxie chose to Larvel, Boostrap and Vue.js as the power houses behind the mobile responsive web app.  This web app not only was to be used by food rescuers, food donors, and food receivers but also by staff members to manage the day to day operations of who’s picking up food, where food is going, and how much food are we delivering.  

Problems Solved

  • Replaced a clunky manually driven system, with a cutting edge responsive suite of applications that utilize a unique algorithm to automatically match Food Donors to Food Receivers.
  • Developed a native iOS application to allow Food Rescuers to effortlessly find volunteer opportunities, and track their progress towards various achievement badges.
  • Implemented a highly scalable, high availability technology infrastructure backed by the industry leading Amazon Web Services.

Services Provided & Technologies Utilized

  • RESTful API
  • Native iOS Application
  • Custom Responsive Web Application