Since 1984, Green Magazine has been the monthly companion to John Deere enthusiasts worldwide. They are the only monthly John Deere magazine and the largest single brand tractor collector magazine in the world.  Hain Publishing reached out to E-Moxie to convert their existing website and online store from an outdated cumbersome system, to a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform which is the foundation for their digital push.

Being a publication that has been printing monthly issues for over 30 years, you can imagine the amount of customer data that needed to be processed through. E-Moxie worked with the Hain Publishing team to determine how their customer data should be normalized and what made the most sense for their business.

With a clear plan in mind, E-Moxie migrated and normalized all customer data which included past purchases, additionally purchased items, and subscription information, into an industry standard WooCommerce online store.  We were able to develop solutions to accommodate bulk discount pricing, different pricing based on location, along with bundled products.

After our 2-month long project with Green Magazine, we deployed the website onto an autoscaled WordPress setup on the Amazon Web Services Infrastructure.  Utilizing E-Moxie own dedicated Amazon product, it allows Hain Publishing to have a highly scalable, high availability and insanely fast website for an extremely affordable price.

Problems Solved

  • Super reliable e-commerce solution which handles subscriptions, bulk discount pricing, multiple country pricing rates and more.
  • A secure mobile responsive website that has an intuitive straightforward navigation, and is optimized for content delivery.

Services Provided & Technologies Utilized

  • Data migration and data wrangling!
  • WooCommerce Ecommerce Solution
  • Highly scalable Amazon Web Services infrastructure
  • Integrations with ActiveCampaign, Stripe and USPS